Using a library which uses slf4j in an appender

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Using a library which uses slf4j in an appender

Asaf Mesika

At we wrote a Logback appender which uses BigQueue to have persistence over logging events in case the application crashes. 

The problem is that BigQueue it self uses slf4j for logging.

Upon the initialization phase of the appender we initialize the BigQueue, which write debug/info messages to the log. This is what we get to stderr due to this:

SLF4J: A number (2) of logging calls during the initialization phase have been intercepted and are
SLF4J: now being replayed. These are subject to the filtering rules of the underlying logging system.

How would you go about eliminating these messages printed to stderr, since as I see, the behavior is normal and does not require any errors printed to stderr.


Asaf Mesika

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